Author: C. Marlowe Disclaimer: Joss owns Miss Kitty but the other characters are mine, ALL MINE!


Miss Kitty and the Pussycats


Miss Kitty was padding gracefully along the streets of Sunnydale looking for evil new thrills, tail swishing with every step of her paw. There was a particuarly menancing aura around her, perhaps a reflection of the moonlight that was shining down on Sunnydale. Miss Kitty stopped near a corner that lead into a dark, dank alley and sat down. She remained fairly immobile, eyes narrowed into slits, only occasionally glancing at the humans strolling by. She was pondering her next evil move. Swiveling her ears, she caught the strains of music from deep in the alley. It was coming from a human gathering place called the 'Bronze' and Miss Kitty felt a tingle in her whiskers a clear sign that mischief could be had.

She sat up and slinked down the alley and into the back door of the club. She was assulted by the sounds and smells of people, but she paid them no mind as she wound her way up into the upper levels of the club. Perched in an obscure corner of the upper walkways, she glanced down at the source of the music and she was immediately suffused by a white hot feline rage.

Three female humans, with blond, red and black hair were on the stage bouncing and singing to an obviously enthusiastic crowed. What enraged Miss Kitty was what the humans wore. They had on the skins of leopards, with leopard skins on their feet and ears on their head. How dare they wear the fur of my illustrious cousins!, Miss Kitty hissed, her ears pinned back and her fangs showing. She would soon put a stop to that. She waited until the humans stopped singing and made her way backstage, winding around and through the legs of the humans around her.

She sat in front of the dressing room and emitted a plaintive 'meow'. The door opened and the red-haired human looked down and squealed. "Valerie, Melody, it's a cat! and it's so adorable!", she said. Miss Kitty allowed the red-haired human to pick her up and cuddle her. She would so regret her decision. The human, whose name was 'Josie', turned around and joined the other humans, stroking Miss Kitty's chin. Miss Kitty purred gently, further lowering the defenses of the human. The other two humans were sitting at the mirrored dressing table.

"It's black and white! Just like a zebra!" said Melody, the blonde, who then giggled.

"Wonder where she came from", Valerie said, removing her ears and brushing her short black hair. "She must have felt kinship with us".

Josie continued to pet the cat, going over to the couch and placing Miss Kitty there before going back to her own chair. All three humans were sitting next to each other at the long dressing table. Miss Kitty sat there, continuing to purr and began washing herself, keeping a close eye on the three.

"It doesn't look like she has a tag or anything, so she must be a stray. We should take her with us on the road, she would be a great addition to the act" Josie said, removing her own hears and picking up a brush.

All three were facing a mirror and Miss Kitty and felt that it was time to act and unsheathed her claws. Quick as a flash she jumped down off the couch, lept onto the dressing table and slashed the throats of the humans one by one. Being supremely evil and possessing supernaturally evil strength, she nearly decapitated them all. She hit the floor of the room as she heard the thumps of headings hitting the table.

Miss Kitty returned to the couch and began clawing it to remove the blood from her talons. With a final lick and swish of her paw over her ear, she elegantly padded her way out of the dressing room, purring in contentment over evil justice well done. As she made her way back into the night air, she felt a gnawing hunger and disappeared into the darkness searching for her next meal.

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