TITLE: Lost Kitty On A Mission (prologue)
AUTHOR'S NOTE: My thanks to AussieBullDog for all the patience, kindness and mostly for editing the fic so very well.


(Sunnydale, September 13, 1900)

"If I am not human, then what am I?"

The young girl stood before her mother, pleading to know the truth about who and what she was. It was her first day of school, which was also her first day of contact with others besides those of her extended family.

The tall women standing before her looked worried. She did not like the idea of her daughter being so curious before her time.

"You are human, sweetie." She smiled.

"But mother, the children at the school house taunted me and called me a witch. The teacher also treated me differently."

The woman was now extremely nervous. The child understood too fast. Of course, children of their kind were always smarter and more sophisticated then the others, but they never asked questions, never dared to demand answers. They just did as they were told, until the day came when they were told the truth and allowed to ask about themselves, what they are, and where they came from.

The woman stood silent, refusing to answer the now hysterical child's question. She knew from the day the girl was born that she would be of a problem to the rest, and also predicted that she would bring trouble in the future.


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