Author: Spikmeister
Disclaimer: Joss owns MKF, the other character is mine, infact it's almost me!


Knowledge To Kill


Life is a precious thing. It's amazing just how fragile a human being is. All you need is knowledge. Knowledge of how to kill. With that nothing can stop you.


It had been a stereotypical day for Jack. He'd got up, had breakfast, gone to work, eaten lunch at his desk, and finished late. He always seemed to finish late, something would come up, something last minute that always meant staying there until he'd fixed it, but that was his job and he was the only one around to do it. He'd always wondered why there were no other computer guys working for the Mayor's Office. Infact when he'd moved to Sunnydale three months before he'd thought that the place would be teeming with qualified computer network engineers, what with the university an' all, but for some reason no-one ever stayed around for very long. Also no-one ever talked about the previous mayor or what had happened to him and all his staff, although Jack put this down to some sort of scandal that was being hushed up, he'd seen it happen before in other towns.

Today the "big emergency" had been nothing at all. Someone in some office across town had got all flustered and paniced when they found they couldn't get on the internet. "They probably only want to play games or post in chat rooms", Jack had thought when they'd rung him for help - there was no help desk as there was no-one to run it. After a good two hours of going round in circles the problem had been found, they'd knocked their network cable out of the socket in the wall, and after reminding them that there was a checklist in the instruction manual of what to look for before you ring, Jack had hung up the phone, cursed when he saw the time, packed up his things and set off for the walk home.


It was a cool crisp winter night and the stars twinkled brightly overhead, along with the odd aeroplane. The side streets were empty, there was a gig at the Bronze and those who weren't there had heard the rumours about something prowling the streets at night and had stayed at home.

From her spot in the shadows of a tree she saw her prey.


As Jack headed down the street he felt like he was being followed. He stopped and looked around but couldn't see anything behind him. Infact he could see anyone anywhere. Thinking about it there never seemed to be many people walking on the streets on any night recently.

Suddenly there was a rustle from the bush next to him and Jack thought he saw something run through across the path next to it but when he looked more closely there was nothing there. He checked the bush again, "I'm losing it", he thought.

As he turned back to the street to continue walking he was startled to see a black and white kitten sat on the pavement watching him.


While she'd been sat in the shadows her prey ,the human, had walked right past her and not noticed. She'd followed him for a little while, hiding in the shadows of the houses and the hedges that lined the front lawns.

As soon as he'd looked flustered she seized the opportunity and ran through the bush closest to him and quickly hidden on the opposite side of the path. Only when he'd looked back to his side did she reveal herself.

The human jumped back slightly when he noticed her, obviously her plan to scare him slightly had been successful. "Hello there." he said as he regained his composure.


Jack bent down and picked up the kitten, "So who are you then?" he asked while he lifted it closer to see the name tag.

Almost as if it had lightning reflexes the kitten's paw lashed out across his neck quickly followed by a second one. Jack dropped the kitten and grabbed his neck, he could feel the blood pouring out, the kitten's claw had hit his carotid artery, the major artery in the neck that supplies oxygen to the brain.

Jack sank to his knees, he could feel himself getting weaker. The kitten sat watching him until he feel on his back and slowly stopped moving.


Miss Kitty Fantastico sat on top of her kill cleaning away all traces of tonight's deeds, she was pleased at the swiftness of today's hunt and kill. She knew that some vampire would find the body and "dispose" of it, and she needed to be perfectly clean before she returned home to the warmth of the witches' room.


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