Author: C. Marlowe Disclaimer: Joss owns Miss Kitty but the other characters are mine, ALL MINE!


Dinner With Evil


Sunlight streamed through the window of the mansion. It formerly belonged to a legendary vampire, but it soon became the home of an exceptionally evil kitten. Miss Kitty was sitting just below the window, gazing intently at a stray sunbeam. She extended a paw and batted at the sunbeam. To outsiders, she was playing with sunshine, but in reality she was attempting to bend space/time and manipulate the sunbeams for her evil purposes. A dog materialized befire her and bowed to Miss Kitty, laying his head on his paws.
How are things progressing? , meowed Miss Kitty.
Everything is going smoothly, master, woofed the First Evil. All is going according to your plans.
Excellent! Now shoo, I have more evil plans to make.
The First Evil wagged his tail and disappeared.
Miss Kitty washed her ear, contemplating her choice of the First Evil to do her bidding. Among all the Powers that Be at her disposal, the First Evil was the only one with sufficient power and gullibility for her needs. She would dispose of the First Evil once her plan was complete and she obtained complete dominion over all of Earth.
Now hungry, Miss Kitty elegantly strolled over to the dish left by her new servent servant, Lydia. Miss Kitty had permitted Lydia to go work, but not before preparing a small meal for her. As Miss Kitty looked in the bowl, she suddenly shoved it away with her paw. She was in an unusually feral mood and canned food was no longer sufficient for a animal descended from savage beasts long ago.
But what? She thought to herself. There were, of course, rats. But they were hardly a challenge. The feathers of birds were annoying and they had little meat. Perhaps that pig she had her eye on. No, not a fish, rat or pig. She was in the mood to eat something more unusual, something bigger and....bloodier. With perhaps a hint of blubber in it. She knew just where to find it. Closing her eyes and calling on the power of ancients she materialized at the precise place.

Her evilness was at the entrance of the new Sunnydale Zoo. She could have just appeared right next to her meal, but she was in the mood to emulate her ancestors and engage in the noble skill of stalking. Miss Kitty squeaked under the gated entrance. She quietly slunk through the grass ignoring the calls of the birds in the Fabulous Feathers exhibit. She stealthily passed the snake house and the elephant yard and dashed into the Artic Experience.

She pounced on top of the wall that enclosed the Penguin Palace. A flock of penguins stood quietly in a circle, sleeping. Miss Kitty padded over to the far end of the wall, looking for a good place to jump down to. She swiftly and silently alighted on the cold, icy floor that simulated the grounds of the penguin's natural habitat. Her claws prevented her from slipping as she clicked slowly towards the penguins, sheathing and unsheathing her claws.

She picked out a lone penguin, somewhat isolated from the others and drew up behind it. She could have gone after the entire flock, but she dislike such crass violence. Give her the elegent art of a single kill. She extended her talons and in one swift swipe, slashed the penguins throat. She dug her claws into the body, preventing the penguin from falling down. She dragged it over to a quiet corner of Penguin Palace and began ripping bite-sized chunks.
As she chewed, she contemplated the next step of her plan. She would need the blood of an innocent in order to bring forth the Ubervamp. She could easily used the bringers to get some random victim off the street, but Miss Kitty preferred a more subtle plan, one that maximizes pain. She had a couple of humans that should do the trick. A friend who could be easily swayed to kill a friend. Perfect.
As she finished off the penguin, she debated on whether to take down another penguin. But now that she had a taste of blood, she wondered to herself what monkeys taste like.
She would soon find out.

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