Author: C. Marlowe Disclaimer: Joss owns Miss Kitty but the other characters are mine, ALL MINE!


Kitty Litter and Daffodils


Willow picked up Miss Kitty and nuzzled her. She was the most adorable kitten ever and she was glad that Tara and her adopted Miss Kitty, even if she had a catnip problem. Willow had been studying and translating a bunch of spells with the help of Tara. Tara told her about trying finding a spell that might have brought back all the voiced that the Gentlemen stole a while back. So Willow thought they should try to find more spells to use in the future just in case. Which reminded her.

Willow went to the small bookcase they kept in their dorm room and found an old diary written by a woman back in the old Salem witch trials days. The woman had a wealth of knowledge from years as a midwife and general healer and had a kept a recipe for all sorts of spells, healing mixtures and similar items. The woman had a recipe for a spell in the book that seemed to be a cure for addiction. The language was a little strange, but Willow thought she could find the ingredients and adapt it to cure Miss Kitty's catnip problem.

Willow opened the book to the page that had the spell and wrote down the ingredients she would need in her notebook: Eye of Newt, Lizard Wart, Powdered Wolfsbane, Fire water, daffodils, salt and pepper. Willow could easily get the most of the ingredients at the local magic shop, but the salt/pepper was different. Willow knew from reading other books that the salt/pepper were in recipes that were specifically for humans. Willow couldn't image who or what else would need such a spell other than humans, but thought she could easily substitute kitty litter for the salt and pepper.

A couple of hours later, Willow had everything she needed to do the spell. After making sure that Miss Kitty was sleeping quiety and wouldn't be disappearing soon, she started the preparations. She combined all the ingredients into a small cauldron type container and recited the words that accompanied the recipe. As she held out her palm, a small ball of light formed and hovered just over her hand, it glowed a bright yellow. The book said it was supposed to be green, but Willow supposed that was because she had altered the spell to work on a cat.

Willow carefully walked over to the bed where Miss Kitty was curled up, she gently threw the glowing yellow ball straight at the unknowing kitten. The ball hovered a little over the sleeping form of the cat and suddently disappeared into Miss Kitty's body. Miss Kitty suddenly opened her eyes and meowed. She began purring and stretched out her feline form to it's fullest extent, rolling and rubbing herself on the bed. Willow rushed to get the catnip, came back and presented the catnip to Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty gave the catnip a sniff and then ignored it completely. She got up on all fours and jumped lightly down onto the floor and went to look for the water dish. Willow clapped her hand excitedly. Willow suddenly looked at her watch and found herself already late for her next class. Willow grabbed her books and ran out of the room. She couldn't wait to tell Tara later how well the spell worked.

Miss Kitty lapped at the water until Willow was gone. She licked her paw and began washing herself. Although she was still only the size of a kitten, she seemed to be much older. Her yellow eyes flickered with a yellow light that looked like flames. Miss Kitty sniffed at the dry cat food and turned her nose up at it, like the catnip Willow offered her earlier. Miss Kitty was above such lowly food or treats and she no longer desired mice. She had an appetite for a fare, something bigger, rawer and meatier, and....doggier. And Miss Kitty knew exactly where to get it.

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